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I encountered my first guide in the darkness, 

while I was stealing flowers from my neighbors' yard.

These flowers usually bloom after sunset. 

However, the aroma of the plant couldn't hide the fishy smell.

Its tail was entangled with so many vines and roots,  

I had to cut its way out. 

The message failed to deliver,  

As the fish could not remember anything because of the excessive amount of oxygen.

The only thing left for me was the endless blank strip of cloth. 


In my imagination, this is the scene of how my second visitor made its appearance.

it has found me before  

Floating in my bathtub, as if it was floating in a wild stream.

The words it carried swirled down the drain, slipping through my fingers,

The words once hidden in its stomach.

It was too late to catch most of the information. 

I picked up and collected the remains. 

What was left here wasn't enough to form all the before and after. 

This letter was broken into pieces. 

I think the second fish used the wrong paper.


My third messenger was served to me on a plate. 

No word or phrase was given, no clue or hint.

There was no evidence that words ever existed here

Not even one little stain of ink. 

I made up my mind ----- 

I finally decided to cut it open, I needed to see what was happening inside

Still nothing.  

I stitched it back together. 

It was never its intention in the first place,

It was me who should put my words inside. 


I kept it, healed it, cared for it,

I even found it some company.


I could no longer hide the truth from myself,  

the truth that I am carrying the message,

asleep, awake, dreaming, 

swimming and staring from one side of the glass,  

or embracing oxygen on the other. 

I set it free.

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